Alice's Concern Slider image Alice worries about her sensitive data.
File Encryption Slider image Encryption only is a part of NXdrive for data security.
Fragment-based Storage Slider image Advanced encryption irregularly shreds a file into n random fragments.
Fragment Security Fences Slider image Fragments are built by spatiality, reliability, accumulation security properties.
Fragment Storage Slider image Fragments are randomly distributed to a number of available storage devices.
Key Security Slider image Security keys could be destroyed, regenerated, and self-protected.
Alice is Happy Slider image Alice securely accesses and shares her data anytime anywhere.

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Fragment Security Complexity ?
What is NXdrive?

NXdrive (NeXt Drive) is designed to provide Critical Safety (CS) for your data online backup. It stores a picture or data file as multiple encrypted fragments over different places for high security, instead of storing it as a single data item on a server. Novel technologies are developed to enable very high data confidentiality and data privacy as well as excellent protection against data breach and data loss.

Who uses NXdrive?


I want to a secure backup of my personal documents, photos, and videos. Confidentiality and privacy are both enabled.


Small Business

We want to store our business documents, data and record confidentially. No one can open or view them without my authority.


Family and Friends

We want to share our photos and videos safely and securely.


You may have the problem to confidentially and safely keep or backup your private data. You don’t want any other parties to review or get these data without your authority. There are several security issues of your concerns:

Current online file storage systems in the data backup markets CANNOT provide the above data security features. They store your data as files, called as file-based data storage. File is excellent for data organization but it has many fundamental data security and data privacy vulnerabilities. As a well-organized book shelf, an adversary, including the service provider, can easily explore your information from the data storage devices, file by file. The service provider can analyze your data for many purposes, e.g., advertisement. Insiders can take your data without your awareness. Data breach is a problem making your data unprotected, e.g., data breaches at Adobe, Living Social, US Military, Facebook, Sony Online Entertainment, NASDAQ, Citigroup, Dropbox, State of Texas, Snap Chat, etc. Some systems rely on encryption on data files to protect the data assets. However, the encryption can be broken with supercomputer or quantum computer. Only encryption may not provide the highest level of security.

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Low confidential

No Confidentiality

A file is a continuous information block and it is subject to cyber attacks and brute-force attacks to break the data safety and data protection.

Low privacy

No Data Privacy

File discloses your data privacy and many technologies can be used to explore your data files to obtain your data privacy and user privacy.

Low reliability

Data Breach

File can be easily stolen and sabotaged. Data breach causes data safety, data privacy, and other data security problems.


NXdrive provides online data backup with the security features to defend Prying/Spying, Insiders, Data Breaches, and other security vulnerabilities to protect your personal and business data. Our technologies are fundamentally empowered by fragment-based data storage to enhance the data safety and security, instead of using traditionally file-based data storage which causes many data security vulnerabilities. The addition of spatial properties into the data fragments makes it hard for an adversary to explore user data. After our process, a file is broken into a number of data fragments and they are stored as particles in the storage server. As a result, the data protection is exponentially enhanced. Suppose decrypting a file takes 1 hour by a supercomputer. Our technology can make the time significantly higher for the supercomputer. Our solution "would be revolutionary, not just for security and privacy, but for the efficiency and resiliency of storage as a whole" as commented by an independent third authority.

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High confidential


A fragment has no continuous information and the spatial protection that is exponentially difficult to explore by an adversary.

High privacy


Fragments look like random symbols and they are independent of each other that protects your data and user privacy.

High reliability

Data Assurance

Fragments are intelligent with the ability of self-protection and self-healing functions.