NXdrive is an innovative storage system that uses state of art technologies to protect your data.

NXdrive discarded the traditional way of data storage where a whole file is saved in a machine whatever if additional encryption or redundancy is enforced on the file or not. This is because this way suffers many security and privacy vulnerabilities exposed to cyber-attacks and insider threats. NXdrive advocates new technologies such that no user and data information is disclosed from any specific storage machine. Additional technologies are enforced to ensure your data is securely stored against cyber-attacks and minimize the insider threats.

Please join NXdrive for enjoying the advanced NXdrive security features.


NXdrive team

NXdrive Missions

The NXdrive team strives to deliver state-of-art products and excellent services for our valuable customers.

What We Do

We research, develop, and produce products for data protections on the storage.

Our commitments

We are committed to provide secure, reliable, and flexible data storage for customers and enterprises.

What We Value

We value your data confidentiality, data reliability, data prevention against cyber-attacks, and flexibility for data manipulations.

Core Advantages

We develop novel technologies to provide data services with unique security capabilities.

Get Involved

We are proud of all customers who join NXdrive and its communities.

Your Data

All your data are treated as top secret assets during the entire data lifetime including data on-the-fly, processing, and data at-the-rest.

NXdrive Partnerships

Partnerships are welcome.